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The Connection Between Workers’ Compensation And Third-Party Injury Claims

Being involved in a work-related accident can leave varying degrees of impact. Maybe you were caught in a car accident on the way to work. Maybe you were hurt using a dangerous tool to accomplish physical labor. Either way, you may have quickly found yourself in a recovery process that results in having high medical bills and unexpected time off from work. While filing a workers’ compensation claim is reasonable reaction to these losses, there is often a third party, separate from your employer, that might be liable for the damages done.

If you are confused about who the liable party in your accident may be, our team can help you. The law office of Alan S. Friedman has over 25 years of experience handling personal injury cases, and is skilled in determining liability and fighting for compensation. Based in the Bronx, Alan Friedman is a skilled personal injury lawyer who represents clients throughout New York City and is licensed to practice in both New York, Maryland, & Washington D.C.

How A Third Party Could Be Involved

To understand how a third party could be liable in your work-related accident, it can be helpful to consider some examples.

· Perhaps a professional baker had his arm torn in a dough mixer. While he could potentially hold his company liable for neglecting to enforce certain safety protocols, it could also be that the dough mixer itself was poorly designed. This would then hold the dough mixer’s manufacturing company responsible for the design of its product.

· Similarly, a carpenter who is hurt using a nail gun at work may be ready to claim compensation from his company, considering that his injury came from a work-related task. However, it could be that the nail gun itself was faulty, potentially making its manufacturing company liable.

Depending on how your work-related accident happened, we can help identify the presence of a liable third party, as well as help seek compensation for you more effectively.

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