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Rideshare Accidents: Uber/Lyft

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have become mainstream modes of transportation. With more and more people relying on the convenience of booking a ride, it is no wonder that these vehicles have developed a stronger presence on the road. As traffic accidents continue to happen on the busy streets of New York, the chances that a rideshare car is involved have also increased, complicating accident liability. Whether you were hit by a rideshare vehicle or were hurt while riding in one, the law office of Alan S. Friedman can help you.

For over 25 years, our Bronx-based lawyer, Alan S. Friedman, has been resolving a variety of car accident liability claims. Regardless of how your accident unfolded, our team is prepared to walk you through your legal rights and build you a strong case.

Determining Liability And Responding To Injuries

There are many ways a person can become involved in a rideshare accident.

· Were you an Uber or Lyft passenger?

· Were you driving your own car or walking when hit?

With so many possible scenarios, it is important to consider not only how the accident happened, but also who the involved parties were.

The parties may include:

1. The rideshare company

2. The rideshare company’s insurance company

3. The insurance companies of any passengers, drivers or pedestrians involved

At the same time, an accident is so much more than a quest for liability. Being injured as a result of the accident could leave you with unforeseen medical bills or keep you from being able to go to work. If you are suffering any of these losses, you can rely on Mr. Friedman to fight for your financial compensation.

Put Your Case In The Hands Of Our Firm

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