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Ice Cream Truck Accidents

Ice cream trucks like Mister Softee represent excitement and happiness. When children hear the jingle, they know it’s time to run outside and get something sweet to eat. However, when not enough precaution is taken in the moment, children can become involved in an accident with the ice cream truck. The aftereffects may include brutal injuries or even death. While nothing can take away a parent’s pain, it is important to have an attorney by your side. An experienced, successful personal injury lawyer can determine your rights and help seek the justice you deserve. Call 646-569-9896 for immediate assistance from a skilled New York attorney.

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Attorney Alan S. Friedman is a Bronx-based personal injury lawyer dedicated to representing victims of tragic accidents. Not only does he cater to clients across New York City, but is also licensed to practice out of state, including New York, Maryland, & Washington D.C. Mr. Friedman understands the difficulty of loss and that each case is built by unique circumstances. When you work with him, you can expect personalized attention that strives to prioritize your concerns and expectations.

Compensation After An Ice Cream Truck Injury

Ice cream truck accidents typically happen when the vehicle is parked and children are running to and from it. Because these truck operators are aware that children often flock toward them by running across the street, they have safety arms on the side of their vehicle in the form of a “stop” or “slow” sign. However, when these signs are only placed on one side of the truck, it fails to account for anyone on the opposite side.

In some cases, accidents happen when the truck driver fails to take enough precaution before driving. They might move the vehicle without warning, only to hit anyone standing around.

As a child’s attraction, there are many reasons why ice cream truck operators and their insurance companies can be held liable for accidents involving children. At the law office of Alan S. Friedman, we are ready to investigate the incident thoroughly and are prepared to face the parties involved, including the truck driver, ice cream company and the insurance companies covering them.

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