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What is an attractive nuisance?

An attractive nuisance is something that draws the curiosity and attention of a child but can present a danger or harm to them.

When it comes to the law there are some known attractive nuisances. These can be items on private or public property and can even include company vehicles. Attractive nuisances are typically man-made, so lakes and trees do not qualify. Some common attractive nuisances include:

3 important things to do after a car crash

Imagine heading home to the Bronx after work on a Friday. You are looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend after a hard week at work. Unfortunately, not far from your home, the start of your weekend makes an unexpected turn. As you enter an intersection on a green light, you get hit on the passenger side by another driver. Now, you have a very damaged car and some aches and pains that might be more than simple bruising from the impact.

You probably already know what to do immediately after a car wreck, such as calling the police, exchanging information and talking to witnesses. But, what about when you get home and in the days following the collision? Keep the following post-car accident tips in mind when it comes time take the next steps.

Electricity is a dangerous element at construction sites

There are many risks involved in construction. It often involves moving through unfinished buildings, which creates the risk for a fall. There are many moving pieces of machinery, as well as heavy materials, which can cause crushing accidents. However, one of the most dangerous things at a construction site isn't something you can see.

Electricity is a necessary utility when using machinery and power tools to build an edifice. It will also end up installed via wiring into just about every new building constructed. Construction workers have constant potential exposure to electricity. Unfortunately for some of them, that can turn out to be a deadly risk.

You should always follow these ladder safety tips

Are you a construction worker? Do you ever wonder about the things you can do to better prevent an accident in the future?

There's a good chance you spend many hours of your week climbing up and down ladders on the job site. While this may be second nature to you, it's important to remember one thing: A simple mishap can lead to a serious accident.

Workers' compensation protects surviving family members, too

Those who work in construction take risks every day as part of their job. They work at great heights, which present the risk of a potential fall. They deal with large, dangerous machines and equipment. There's always the potential for mechanical issues or other accidents, as well as the presence of electricity on many job sites. All of these risk factors and more make construction work one of the most dangerous jobs.

Most people understand that workers' compensation offers coverage to workers who suffer injuries on the job. Fewer people realize that surviving family members may receive benefits after a loved one dies as the result of a work injury.

Distracted drivers could cause a crash and serious injuries

Distracted driving is one of the biggest risks on the modern roadway. Situational issues, like inclement weather, can cause crashes. So can the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking or while exhausted. Distracted driving, however, is a more common risk factor. There are likely many more people driving distracted than you even realize.

There are many kinds of distraction. Some people get lost in thought. Others try to eat a meal during a commute. There are even drivers who put on clothing or makeup while operating a vehicle. However, distractions caused by smartphones are a serious risk factor as well. Reading a text or taking a picture with a phone while driving all too often results in a serious crash.

New York Labor Laws aim to keep construction workers safe

Workers in New York have some good protections against unsafe work environments. The Labor Law here has three sections that can be applied to construction sites, so all construction workers should know what kinds of protections they have.

There are three specific sections with which you should be familiar. These are 200, 240 and 241. While these can apply to construction sites as a whole, you can also find information about liability when there is an injury due to scaffolding. These laws don't put additional burdens on the workers, but, instead, they demand that the construction companies take the initiative to keep these sites safe.

Slip-and-falls can happen inside or out, in any season

When the average person thinks about a slip-and-fall accident, he or she likely conjures images of winter snow and ice. There's no question that unmaintained sidewalks and parking lots pose a serious risk of slipping and falling during the coldest months of the year. People all over New York can end up seeking medical treatment after they slip on a patch of ice outside in the winter. However, frozen precipitation is far from the only cause of a potentially dangerous slip-and-fall incident.

People can slip any time of the year. Regardless of when someone slips and falls, many time this kind of incident leads to claims of premises liability. Anyone who owns a property or makes one accessible to the public must maintain reasonably safe premises.

Common causes of workplace head injuries

When you become injured at work, you may feel pressure to try and dismiss the incident and your symptoms so that you can continue working. The prospect of missing work because of an accident in New York might make you fearful in many ways. You will not want to lose wages as a result, and you may believe that by missing work you will be at a greater risk of being fired.

It is very important to know the rights that you have as a worker in New York. If you have been injured because of an incident that took place while you were conducting work-related activities, you have the right to file for workers' compensation. Workers' compensation can help to cover any wages that you have lost because of your injury, as well as medical bills that resulted. Filing for workers' compensation also works to protect you from any retaliation that you may face. For example, it will make it illegal for you to be fired for a period of time after the injury took place.

Tragic construction crushing accident may have been preventable

Working in construction is dangerous. Every day, the people who help to build new edifices or repair and upgrade older ones risk serious injury or death just for trying to do their jobs. There are many potential risks, including falls from heights, getting struck by falling equipment, supplies or machinery, crushing accidents or even electrocutions. While some accidents will always happen, many can be avoided with proper training and safety equipment.

When companies put speed and profits over the lives and well-being of their employees, the workers and their families can end up paying the price. Negligence at the work site can lead to otherwise preventable accidents that can disable workers or cause them serious injuries. Sometimes, people even end up dying, and their families are left to seek compensation for their losses.

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