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Month: December 2017

4 signs a head injury needs medical attention

You didn't expect a small bump on the head to amount to much, but the symptoms that have resulted seem more dangerous than you thought. If you hit your head, no matter how hard, it's a good idea to have yourself looked at by a medical professional. Even minor head...

What is loss of companionship?

As a New York resident, it can be devastating when your spouse is injured or dies as the result of negligence or other circumstances of wrongful death. That devastation can be compounded even further by the loss of physical and emotional intimacy that can be...

Signs you have a head injury

Head injuries are not always easy to diagnose. The early symptoms can feel like something else and some of the other symptoms don’t appear until days later. Head injuries come with physical, sensory and cognitive symptoms, not just a bump on the impact site. If...

Falls are most common construction site fatality

It’s no secret that construction is one of the most dangerous industries in America. There are many hazardous factors that may be present at construction sites, including heavy machinery, materials such as silica dust or asbestos, and working high above the...