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While we have every right to expect safe and reliable services from our doctors and nurses, even the best medical professionals can sometimes make mistakes that negatively affect their patients. Being harmed by a medical procedure can be especially disappointing when the mistakes made were avoidable to begin with. If you have been hurt as a result of a doctor’s or nurse’s negligence, you may be entitled to a personal injury compensation.

At the New York law office of Alan S. Friedman, we have handled numerous medical malpractice cases. Based in the Bronx, we have been representing personal injury clients across all the five boroughs for over 25 years. We understand that coming out of medical treatment with more pain than recovery can be frustrating, which is why we care about personalizing our approach to meet the unique needs of your situation.

Prepared To Handle Various Forms Of Malpractice

Because nobody expects medical malpractice when going into treatment, it is important to have an attorney who can advocate for your rights if you have been accidentally hurt. Below are some examples of medical errors that are commonly due to negligence:

· Birth injuries

· Surgical errors

· Diagnostic errors

· Medication errors

While this list does not show all possible instances of medical errors, attorney Friedman is prepared to fight for you no matter how severe your situation is. With him as your lawyer, you can expect to have your concerns recognized through undivided, personalized attention.

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