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Falls From Heights And Scaffolding Injuries

Tall scaffolding structures and skyscrapers may be part of an iconic New York City skyline, but they can also pose as threats to safety. Construction workers are some of the most common victims of falls. Depending on the height, falls from scaffolding structures can cause serious injuries like broken bones, brain trauma or even death.

With over 25 years of experience in handling personal injury liability claims, the Bronx-based law office of Alan S. Friedman can help you in the aftermath of a scaffolding or height-related fall.

Any costs you may be facing as a result of your accident may deem you eligible for compensation. Our firm is prepared to build you a strong case centered around your unique circumstances and needs.

In addition to representing clients in New York, attorney Alan S. Friedman is also licensed to practice in New York, Maryland, & Washington D.C. allowing our firm to handle cases out of state.

Know Your Rights In A Scaffolding-Related Accident

When it comes to construction-related accidents, New York labor laws hold employers and building owners accountable for ensuring the safety of their workers. While construction work involves a variety of employers and participants, we have the skills to investigate your accident, look for the cause of your fall and accurately determine liability.

· It may be that you were stepping onto a faulty ladder or that certain railings you were holding onto were not secured in place.

· Someone might have been responsible for ensuring that the equipment and structures you rely on for work are in fact safe to use.

· This means that your fall could have been the result of someone’s negligence, entitling you to compensation. We can help you figure out if the liable party is your direct employer or someone else is.

Your Accident Deserves Immediate Attention From A Lawyer

Falling from tall heights is a severe accident that deserves instant legal action. Let personal injury attorney Alan S. Friedman represent you and fight for your rights. Booking a free consultation with us is as easy as calling 646-569-9896 or filling out our contact form online. Hablamos español.