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Get Compensation After An Accident Leaves You With A Broken Bone

A broken bone, no matter which one, can seriously limit your ability to work and provide for your family. Getting the right legal representation is essential if you want to pursue compensation to help weather the storm.

At the law office of personal injury lawyer Alan S. Friedman, we have extensive experience helping people throughout New York City who are the victims of broken bones and fractures caused by construction accidents, car accidents, commercial trucking accidents and negligent property owners. We can provide you with the personal, comprehensive representation you need, giving you time to recover and focus on getting back to work.

We Fight For Present And Future Compensation

A broken or fractured finger, arm, foot, leg, vertebrae or any other body part can have a serious effect on your life and your ability to perform your job. Any broken bone can lead to thousands of dollars in expensive medical care such as:

  • Multiple surgeries that may require casts, plates and/or screws
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or chiropractor care
  • Doctor visits
  • Medication to manage pain
  • The use of adaptive equipment such as a cane, crutches or a wheelchair

These injuries could also have long-term effects as well, such as arthritis or a loss of mobility. That is why our firm does not start out a case just looking for the fastest possible settlement that will not address your long-term needs. We fight for all of our clients like family, dedicating extensive resources to identify every possible source of compensation and putting you in the strongest possible position to recover the maximum amount.

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To learn more about how we can help and fight for the compensation you deserve, contact our office today by sending us an email or by calling our office at 646-569-9896. There is no financial risk to working with a personal injury attorney, because you will owe no fees if we do not recover compensation for you. Hablamos español.