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Slip-and-falls can happen inside or out, in any season

When the average person thinks about a slip-and-fall accident, he or she likely conjures images of winter snow and ice. There's no question that unmaintained sidewalks and parking lots pose a serious risk of slipping and falling during the coldest months of the year. People all over New York can end up seeking medical treatment after they slip on a patch of ice outside in the winter. However, frozen precipitation is far from the only cause of a potentially dangerous slip-and-fall incident.

Common causes of workplace head injuries

When you become injured at work, you may feel pressure to try and dismiss the incident and your symptoms so that you can continue working. The prospect of missing work because of an accident in New York might make you fearful in many ways. You will not want to lose wages as a result, and you may believe that by missing work you will be at a greater risk of being fired.

Tragic construction crushing accident may have been preventable

Working in construction is dangerous. Every day, the people who help to build new edifices or repair and upgrade older ones risk serious injury or death just for trying to do their jobs. There are many potential risks, including falls from heights, getting struck by falling equipment, supplies or machinery, crushing accidents or even electrocutions. While some accidents will always happen, many can be avoided with proper training and safety equipment.

Know your rights after a fatal construction workplace accident

Having a loved one work in construction can be quite stressful. Every day when he or she leaves for work, you probably worry about the potential for an injury. After all, construction workers face relatively high rates of injuries while working, as well as the risk of a fatal injury. There are many kinds of accidents that can happen in an instant, from an electrocution to a fall or falling objects.

Younger Hispanic construction workers at higher risk for injury

Most people understand there is significant risk associated with a career in construction. As a field of work, construction has a relatively high risk, paired with high rates of injuries and fatalities on the job when compared with other lines of work. While all construction workers do risk injury while working, certain people who work in construction are more at risk than others.

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