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Tragic construction crushing accident may have been preventable

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Blog |

Working in construction is dangerous. Every day, the people who help to build new edifices or repair and upgrade older ones risk serious injury or death just for trying to do their jobs. There are many potential risks, including falls from heights, getting struck by falling equipment, supplies or machinery, crushing accidents or even electrocutions. While some accidents will always happen, many can be avoided with proper training and safety equipment.

When companies put speed and profits over the lives and well-being of their employees, the workers and their families can end up paying the price. Negligence at the work site can lead to otherwise preventable accidents that can disable workers or cause them serious injuries. Sometimes, people even end up dying, and their families are left to seek compensation for their losses.

Forklift accident demonstrates risk for workers

On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, a 34-year-old construction worker died in a crushing accident. It involved a forklift. The victim and another worker were attempting to move a large window when the accident happened. The machine crushed the worker against the wall, causing fatal injuries. The victim was a young worker who had recently moved to the United States from Ecuador.

Many people believe that this tragedy could have been prevented with more training and care at the workplace. Since last September, this particular construction project has faced numerous issues. They have received several stop work orders and face multiple safety violations. However, work has continued on the project.

After the fatal crushing accident on the 13th, employees had to exit the worksite for investigation purposes. If the family of the unfortunate worker invoke their rights under the law, they may have a claim against the company for failing to adhere to safety best practices.

Surviving family members must stand up for their loved ones

Filing a lawsuit against an employer who took inadequate safety precautions can help a grieving family pursue justice. While the compensation can not undo the consequences of an unsafe workplace that claims a life, it can offset the financial damages related to the tragedy. It can also motivate the employer to engage in better safety practices. A major financial loss may be the only thing that can convince that kind of business to change its practices.

Survivors of people who die at work typically qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, which can cover funeral expenses and provide compensation for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. However, in cases where an oversight or a dangerous work culture lead to the death, it may be wise for the surviving family members to seek compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit against the employer involved as well.