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Understanding pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Brain & Head Injuries |

Pedestrian accidents can be just as devastating as accidents between two motor vehicles, or an accident involving a motor vehicle and an inanimate object. Without the protection of a vehicle frame around them, pedestrians are far more vulnerable to impact damage from a crash. But what exactly defines a pedestrian accident? defines a pedestrian accident as any accident in which someone on foot is struck by an automobile, motorcycle or even a bicycle. That person can be jogging, walking, running or even standing. Note that the list does not include trains, and train accidents are classified under another category. Pedestrian accidents account for over half of traffic-related fatalities in New York City, and can be the cause of serious trauma to those affected. Pedestrians struck by vehicles may suffer bodily, brain or head injuries, or may even die in a fatal crash.

Take, for instance, the case of a man who drove his car into a crowd in New York City and then fled the scene, reported by ABC. In this instance multiple pedestrians were injured, with one fatality. Police suspect that the driver deliberately targeted the victims, although this is not classified as a terrorist incident. The incident may be linked to an earlier fight at a hookah bar. This case is an illustration of how easy it is for a single vehicle to cause multiple pedestrian injuries and fatalities, with five victims transported to the hospital and one death. One of the victims was reported in critical condition aside from the additional fatality in the case.